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Intelligent Armour MultiCam iPad/Netbook Case

The Product:

Here at Warzbot, we are occasionally contacted by companies that stumble across our Blog and ask us to review their products. Never being ones to pass up the chance to play with new gear we happily accept.

Intelligent Armour, a UK based company, contacted us and asked us to evaluate one of their new products iPad cases. The evaluation unit they sent me was a fantastic padded “envelope” in MultiCam.

This case measures roughly 14 x 10 x .75 inches and just exudes durability. If I were to choose one word to describe the case, it would be “overbuilt.” The materials are absolutely confidence inspiring


The Intelligent Armour case features three compartments

The main compartment is secured by a large strip of super-sticky Velcro that runs along the entire length of the case. Inside this compartment is lined with a super-soft material to keep your screen scratch-free.

There is a secondary pocket secured by a smaller strip of Velcro that might be ideal for storing things like cables or airline tickets.

Finally, there is a zippered pocket where one might store more minor things more prone to being lost.

Overall Impressions:

I found that the case was so overbuilt for its purpose that it borders on overkill for the intended purpose of securing an iPad. While I have no doubt that an iPad ensconced in this case would survive all sorts of abuse, I found the case was much better suited for protecting small netbooks.

I was able to securely transport my MacBook air in the main compartment while using the outer pocket to hold the power supply. I tossed the whole package into a carry-on bag without having to worry about damaging the MacBook Air. The tiny regional jet I was on required me gate-check my carry-on bag… a prospect that typically makes me cringe. The Intelligent Armour case, however, helped me keep all of my computer-stuff together in a tiny package that I was able to take out of the carry-on before gate checking quickly.