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Introduction to Submachine guns

A submachine gun is a firearm that fire pistol ammunition in automatic mode like a machine gun. On the other hand, an assault rifles fires a more powerful round in either semi-automatic or fully-automatic modes. Submachine guns were developed by adding stocks and automatic firing capacity to pistols.

Gun Powder

Gunpowder or black powder, as it is also called, is a chemical mixture of sulphur, carbon (charcoal) and potassium nitrate (saltpetre). It burns very rapidly and produces large volumes of hot gases and solids, making it very suitable for use as an explosive, propellant and pyrotechnic agent in crackers and fireworks. Generically, the term “gunpowder” […]

Superguns: Project Babylon

Project Babylon – Saddam’s Supergun Throughout history, men have always searched for better ways to defeat their enemies. This is the same quest that has led to the creation of weapons of mass destruction such as nuclear bombs and bio-chemical agents. Project Babylon was one such attempt in the recent years to create long-range guns.

Introduction to Shotguns

A shotgun is a shoulder-fired firearm that fires a number of small spherical pellets (known as shot) or a solid bullet (known as slug). Shotguns come in a range of calibres and operating mechanisms. These are very popular with law and enforcement agencies and civilians for hunting and sporting purposes.


A bullet is a strong projectile that is usually made from metal to be propelled from a gun. The term “bullet” comes from the French word “boulette” which means “little ball”. The original musket bullet was spherical in shape. Bullets do not explode but cause damage to the target because of the high kinetic energy […]

Introduction to Rifles

A rifle is a shoulder fired firearm that has rifled grooves in the barrel. These grooves make the bullet spin around an axis which stabilizes it during the flight. This makes the bullet more accurate and improves its range. Initially, rifles were known as “rifled guns”. However, the term “rifle” gradually replaced the earlier term […]

Introduction to Handguns

A handgun is a small firearm designed to be fired from one hand. They are usually small and can be concealed easily. They offer good stopping power and so are very useful for personal defence. They are also used by law enforcement agencies and the military.

Russian Development and the 7.62x25mm

In 1930 Fyodor Tokarev produced a pistol chambered for the 7.62x25mm cartridge which is perceived to be a modification of the .30 Mauser cartridge (7.65x25mm). This pistol was adopted as the standard sidearm for Russian troops.