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Intelligent Armour MultiCam iPad/Netbook Case

The Product:

Here at Warzbot, we are occasionally contacted by companies that stumble across our Blog and ask us to review their products. Never being ones to pass up the chance to play with new gear we happily accept.

Intelligent Armour, a UK based company, contacted us and asked us to evaluate one of their new products iPad cases. The evaluation unit they sent me was a fantastic padded “envelope” in MultiCam.

This case measures roughly 14 x 10 x .75 inches and just exudes durability. If I were to choose one word to describe the case, it would be “overbuilt.” The materials are absolutely confidence inspiring


The Intelligent Armour case features three compartments

The main compartment is secured by a large strip of super-sticky Velcro that runs along the entire length of the case. Inside this compartment is lined with a super-soft material to keep your screen scratch-free.

There is a secondary pocket secured by a smaller strip of Velcro that might be ideal for storing things like cables or airline tickets.

Finally, there is a zippered pocket where one might store more minor things more prone to being lost.

Overall Impressions:

I found that the case was so overbuilt for its purpose that it borders on overkill for the intended purpose of securing an iPad. While I have no doubt that an iPad ensconced in this case would survive all sorts of abuse, I found the case was much better suited for protecting small netbooks.

I was able to securely transport my MacBook air in the main compartment while using the outer pocket to hold the power supply. I tossed the whole package into a carry-on bag without having to worry about damaging the MacBook Air. The tiny regional jet I was on required me gate-check my carry-on bag… a prospect that typically makes me cringe. The Intelligent Armour case, however, helped me keep all of my computer-stuff together in a tiny package that I was able to take out of the carry-on before gate checking quickly.

Tom Bihn Synapse Review

The Tom Bihn Synapse backpack is a lightweight, ultra-sleek bag designed for day travel, hiking, or any outing where only the necessities are needed. It has a very efficient design that allows you to pack the bag to capacity without sacrificing organization or easy access. The Synapse I received to test was the Synapse 19, the smaller version of the Synapse 25. The Synapse comes in different fabrics, and the one I received has an ultralight Dyneema/nylon ripstop exterior (Cordura nylon also available) with a Read More

You can never expect when the pure genius will come out

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A Coleman Rechargeable Flashlight is Handy in Campouts

The Coleman rechargeable flashlights has been a most useful item in your camping site in the boondocks that have been the favorite destination of your family in summer and even at other times of the year when your kids suggest that you try camping out also in the colder months.

Your family has become an outdoor type family ever since the kids have grown up from their toddler years and have become very energetic boys in their pre-teen years.

Your four children (all boys) are very rowdy kids, but since they are all boys, you are not surprised at all. You yourself come from a family of five kids with only one girl, so you are used to the company of boys. Your sister then even threatened that she will wear pants when she grows up since all her experience as a kid were all experiences of the boys – she did not know then how it was to be a girl. Like your family now, you used to go on many camping trips as your dad then was a duck hunter, always using his Coleman flashlight when seeing a flock of ducks and swiftly shooting them down with his shotgun.

Your four boys now keep teasing Mom to act as a young girl so they can start practicing on how to court a girl. The four have begun eyeing the more attractive lookers among their classmates in school, saying that they have developed the strange feeling now that they want the girls now for company, rather than the boys whom they preferred as playmates when they were younger. Even in the recent campout you had last month the eldest boy borrowed the rechargeable flashlight you brought because he wanted to visit a girl he met that day in her family’s tent, just a few hundred meters away from your own tent.

It was a very dark night so you hesitated in giving the Coleman rechargeable flashlight to him, advising him to visit her the following morning instead. But the boy insisted to go that night saying the girl’s smile was so sweet when he first met her in the morning. “Dad”, he reminds you, “you have always told us to strike when the iron is hot before, remember?”

You have to get some help from Mom on this one. You did not realize that the lesson you gave them before on the hot iron and the need to strike it when still hot could apply to a situation like this one now of your son wanting to visit a girl in a hurry. Mom was as confused; she had to raise her arms up in surrender.

You had to give the led flashlight to the kid, hoping he will not bring back a daughter-in-law for you and Mom when he comes back. You regret having told the kids that “strike when the iron is hot” lesson before. Now you do not really know what your eldest made out of it when he left to see the girl.

AKER Flatsider XR13 Holster

Aker makes some of the best police gear accessories, gun holsters and concealment holsters. Aker only uses the finest leather and always gets high remarks in police equipment reviews. Aker holsters are perfect for all types of handguns and revolvers.

I have always owned a Fobus holster that I used when I needed a concealment holster. In my Fobus holster reviews, I always gave them good reviews other than I didn’t think they looked professional. As a result of my new assignment and needing a good looking concealment holster, I went down to pne of my local police equipment stores, Emergency Equipment Engineering (EEE), to look for a new concealment holster.

I started looking at the Aker holsters and thought they were a great looking holster. After some time, I decided on the Aker Flatsider XR13. The Aker Flatsider XR13 is unique because it is flat on one side, allowing for a more comfortable fit. In addition to that, the holster is made with the finest leather that conforms to your pistol. On both sides of the holster are curved belts slots that cooperate to provide stability on the belt with unparalleled concealment. Inside the holster is a full length molded sight channel. With the design of the special dual-plane muzzle, the Aker Flatsider XR 13 can accommodate both standard and short barrels. Read More

Arctic Shield Boot Insulators

Whether you are an outdoor enthusiast, an emergency res-ponder, a member of the military or just an everyday citizen preparing for an emergency, a reliable flashlight is a necessary piece of gear.

I have owned a wide variety of flashlights in my lifetime, and they all have one thing in common: THEY BROKE. Our friends at Brownells sent me something the other week that may have finally changed my luck with flashlights. The Brownells Versatile Light is a beautiful piece of equipment. Built for multiple applications, it is compact enough to fit comfortably in almost anyone’s hand and easily mounted on a handgun or rifle using most standard light mounts. It is made of corrosion resistant aircraft grade aluminum, and it is waterproof, which is always an important feature. I don’t know how many times I’ve had a piece of gear fail because an unexpected rainstorm soaked it!

The model that I was sent, BVL280, is the more powerful of the two Versatile Series flashlights, with 280 lumens of maximum output. This flashlight is not your ordinary light; it is a compact spotlight that brightens the blackest night. The light is turned on with a sealed rubber 2-stage push button on the end of the handle that allows you to lightly hold for brief illumination or click for a constant hands-free stream of light. It uses a shockproof LED emitter in place of traditional filament light bulbs. This doesn’t just provide you with a brighter white beam of light, but also extends the life of the emitter if it is subjected to bumps, jolts, or is dropped. One aspect of the light that I have not tested is the power management system that reportedly “delivers maximum output for up to 2 hours, then backs down the output to give you up to 24 hours of usable light from one set of batteries.” The power management system can also sense if the flashlight is overheating and will reduce power output to compensate. Smart technology in a flashlight? I’ll take it!

Whenever I review anything, I always like to look at the extras included with or designed into the item, and this Brownell’s flashlight doesn’t disappoint. The first option I saw and immediately got excited about was the three interchangeable colored lenses (red, green, and blue) included with the light. If you’ve ever gone into the field at night, color lenses are great because they do not ruin night vision. This allows you to illuminate animals at night without scaring them off and keeps you from blinding anyone accompanying you in the field. The light also comes with a small free-spinning lanyard that is easily interchangeable, additional rubber rings to provide an extra grip or finger stops, and a pair of CR-123A lithium batteries.