Chart: Essential Handgun Development History 1893-1945

Essential Handgun Development 1893-1945





Russian army adopts 7.62 Nagant (not a handgun here for reference only)(1895 or 1896) . Hugo Borchardt of Conneticut sells pistol action concept to Ludwig Loewe of Berlin.(1893) Loewe-Borchardt pistol produced in 7.65x25mm .30 Mauser or 7.63 Mauser( 1893-1896)
. . . Mauser produces Military Model pistol in 7.65x25mm (.30 Mauser or 7.63 Mauser)(1895)
. . . US Army rejects Luger-Borchardt pistol. Redesign produces GERMAN LUGER in .30 Luger –adopted by SWISS.(1898)
. John M. Browning introduces .32 ACP (7.65x17mm) & M1900 pistol .(1900) U.S. Patent filed on Luger pistol in .30 Luger.(1900) German Navy rejects .30 Luger cartridge (7.65x22mm).(Around 1900)
. . . Germans develop 9x19mm (9mm Parabellum) cartridge.(1902)
. . John M. Browning introduces M1903 pistol in 9mm Browning(1903) German Navy adopts Luger pistol in 9x19mm.(1904)
. . John M. Browning introduces auto pistol in .45 ACP (11.43x23mm)(1905) .
. . John M. Browning introduces M1910 pistol in .32 ACP & 9mm Browning short (9x17mm or .380)(1910) German Army adopts Luger pistol in 9x19mm.(1908)
. U.S. Army adopts Colt’s M1911A1 in .45 ACP as standard sidearm.(1911) U.S. Army adopts Browning M1910 in .32 ACP for FLAG officers only.(1911) .
Russians adopt Fyodor Tokarev’s 1930 pistol in 7.62x25mm (a 7.63 Mauser derivative?)(1930) . John M. Browning introduces M1922 in .32 ACP & .380.(1922) .
Russians adopt Tula-Tokarev pistol TT33 (a Browning derivative design?) in 7.62x25mm(1933) . John M. Browning introduces M1935 “High Power” in 9mm Parabellum.(1935) Walther’s P38 introduced in 9mm Parabellum.(1938)
Russia begins gradual replacement of 7.62x25mm with 9x18mm Makarov(1945) . . .
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