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Safariland Armorwear is a manufacturer and distributor of body armor products, including raid vests that are used by law enforcement personnel on a daily basis. Safariland’s body armor and raid vests are among the highest rated police gear available.

Safariland has been in business for over 25 years and is the choice of law enforcement, defense, and government agencies for body armor. Safariland Armorwear is based out of Ontario, California and is part of the BAE Systems Products Group. BAE Systems Products group is the 3rd largest global defense company. With over 97,000 employees, there is no doubt as to why BAE Systems Products group produce some of the finest quality law enforcement gear ranging from duty belt gear to body armor.

Read this police equipment review for more information on Safariland and all of their body armor products. Safariland Armorwears main goal is to keep the person wearing the body armor or raid vest, safe. With first class ballistic laboratories, state of the art slow motion cameras, and a large library on the ballistic threat, there is no doubt as to why Safariland Armorwear produces some of the finest body armor available today.

Safariland Armorwear manufactures concealable body armor, raid vests, firearms instructor body armor, and body armor for K-9s. With Safariland Armorwears large research and development team, they have been able to design and develop a body armor vest to fit almost everybody’s need.

The most popular body armor that Safariland Armorwear produces is the Mantis concealable ballistic vest. When Safariland Armorwear designed the Mantis vest, they had in mind plain clothes detectives, under cover agents, and patrol offices as their main target audience. The final product was an excellent confirmation of that goal. The Mantis body armor vest is one of the most popular vests worn today.

The Mantis vest has improved comfort and adjustability over Safariland Armorwears previous concealment body armor types that were manufactured. It is extremely lightweight, flexible, and designed to minimize the wear and tear on the duty clothing over it, a perfect addition to any standard police equipment. The Mantis vest features fully adjustable, breathable shoulder straps, a double waist strap to keep the vest in the proper position, and an anti-microbial mesh covering.

A new version of the Mantis is available; this new version is specially designed for women.

The newly designed Raid Vest by Safariland Armorwear is becoming the choice of officers that need a raid vest. The Raid Vest is very comfortable, while not compromising strength or neglecting the tactical side of the best. Safariland Armorwear has incorporated the MOLLE attachment system into the Raid Vest so that the wearer can customize the tactical gear to his/her liking.

The Raid Vest has a durable Pac-Skin butt retention material on both shoulders to reduce the wear and tear on the shoulder area of the vest. Safariland Armorwear understands that it can get hot while wearing the Raid Vest. Thats why they developed shoulder channels into the Raid Vest that are compatible with most hydrating tubes. If hydrating tubes arent being used, then the channels can be used to feed communication wires. With all the options that the Raid Vest has and the conformability of the vest, it is clear why this is one of the leading raid vests available today.

Everybody knows that firearms practice is important for officers. However, it can also be hazardous for the firearms instructors. Safariland Armorwear developed the Firearms Instructors vest with them specifically in mind. The vest is bright red so that the instructor will stand out. Also, the vest has ample storage on it, a Pac-Skin butt retention material around the shoulders for wear and tear, and an integrated hydration pocket on the back of the vest. This Firearm Instructors vest has everything a firearm instructor could need.

More often than not, K-9 partners are forgotten about in regards to body arm safety and technology. At Safariland Armorwear they haven’t forgotten about mans best friend. Seeing the trend of bulky and heavy armor for K-9s, Safariland Armorwear decided to change that. Bark K-9 is the newest and most comfortable body armor available for K-9s. Safariland Armorwear has improved the material used in the Bark K-9 which results in a lighter, cooler vest for the dog. Bark K-9 offers multiple sizes and can be easily adjusted to fit any K-9. The vest is lighter than other K-9 vests, yet still, provides the protection that the handler wants.

Safariland Armorwear is dedicated to keeping law enforcement personnel safe with their body armor and raid vests. With 25 years in the industry, Safariland Armorwear has the knowledge and equipment to keep each end user safe. Safariland no longer offers body armor under the Safariland Armorwear brand, but you can still find a larger variety of body armor available on the Safariland site under popular names like American Body Armor, Second Chance, Savvy and Protech Tactical body armor. Safariland offers a variety of body armor to meet many situations from concealable body armor to spike correctional body armor, military body armor, and multi-threat body armor. Choose hard or soft body armor and body armor for men or women. Whatever your police equipment or body armor needs, visit Safariland to see what they can do for you.

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