1.4 million years ago: The knife is invented in Ethiopia.
400,000 BC: Spears made of stone are found in Germany.
100,000 BC: Axes and lithic blades are invented in Africa and Near East.
50,000 BC: The first bow is invented in Tunisia.
15,000 BC: The boomerang is invented by Australian aboriginal tribes.
8700 BC: Metal working is perfected in ancient Mesopotamia.
6000 BC: The plough revolutionizes agriculture in Mesopotamia.
5000 BC: The wheel and axe are in common use in Mesopotamia.
2000 BC: The sickle sword is invented in Sumer. Iron is discovered in Anatolia, Caucasus and India and used to make iron swords.
0 AD: The spoken wheel, swords and daggers are in widespread use in many cultures.
1000 AD: The Chinese invent gunpowder. Gunpowder is invented by Chinese Taoist monks and alchemists in their search for the elixir of life.
1232 AD: Gunpowder is attested in China. It is used to make rockets to be used as weapons.
1364 AD: First attested use of firearms. The first firearm is a tube filled with gunpowder that is ignited using a smouldering wick.
1400 AD: Matchlock guns come into use. Matchlock guns are the first mechanically fired guns in which the mouldering wick is attached to a lever that ignited the gunpowder without any manual intervention.
1509 AD: Wheel lock guns replace the popular matchlock guns. These guns feature a wheel which produces a spark that ignites the gunpowder in the gun.
1550 AD: The Beretta family, traditionally making crossbows, switch to making firearms in Italy.
1630 AD: The flintlock gun comes into common use. It offers numerous advantages as it is completely automated—both the opening of the flash pan and ignition of the gunpowder are done mechanically.
1718 AD:  The World’s first machine gun is patented by James Puckle.
1825 AD: The percussion-cap gun is invented. The percussion-cap contains an explosive material which ignites upon impact which in turn ignites the gunpowder.
1835 AD: Samuel Colt invents the Colt revolver. It is the first of the firearms to be mass produced. It is also the first multi-shot handgun.
1850 AD: Shotguns are invented. These have low range buy have a high stopping power and are very lethal.
1862 AD: The Gatling gun is invented. It has the capability to fire a then phenomenal 200 rounds per minute.
1873 AD: The Winchester rifle is invented.
1892 AD: Joseph Lauman invents an automatic handgun.
1903 AD: The first automatic rifle is invented.
1912 AD: The American army tests the first aeroplane mounted machine gun.
1947 AD: The AK-47 is inducted into the Soviet Army. Designed by Mikhail Kalashnikov, it becomes most widely used assault rifle in the world.
1954 AD: Israel Military Industries, a gun design company based in Israel, designs the Uzi Machine gun.
1964 AD: The M16 rifle is adopted by the US Army. It is widely used in the Vietnam War and becomes one of the most widely used modern guns.
1974 AD: The TASER is invented. It is devised as a means of bringing suspects under control without causing death.
1994 AD: Metal Storm, an Australian company, specializing in ultra-modern gun technology is founded in Brisbane.



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