Types of Guns

There are several types of guns available these days. Depending on their purpose, they are appropriately designed. Gun technology is constantly evolving. As time progresses, we will see newer and better types of guns with enhanced accuracy and stopping powers.

Guns range from those capable of firing a single round to those that can fire thousands of rounds in a minute. This is the beauty of gun technology which combines multidisciplinary technologies with human ingenuity to give the kinds of weapons we find today.

Here is a brief list of guns that are commonly in use today:

Military guns:

Long guns
> Arquebus
> Blunderbuss
> Musket

> Lever action rifle
> Bolt action rifle
> Assault rifle
> Battle rifle
> Carbine
> Service rifle
> Sniper rifle


> Combat shotgun
> Semi-automatic shotgun

Machine guns
> Gatling gun
> Mitrailleuse
> General-purpose machine gun
> Heavy machine gun
> Light machine gun
> Medium machine gun
> Squad automatic weapon

Artillery guns
> Carronade
> Howitzer

Tank guns
> Tank gun
> .50 BMG

Hunting guns:

> Elephant gun
> Express rifle
> Shotgun
> Muzzleloader
> Breechloader

Guns for training and entertainment:

> Airsoft gun
> BB gun
> Paintball gun
> Spud gun
> Water gun

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